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Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group

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Merry Meet! Come and sit a spell with us!
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Hello, and Merry Meet! Welcome to the Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group. This website was erected in hopes of gathering all of our fellow Wiccans, Pagans, and all other positive religions in the world. My intentions are to create a learning atmosphere; let us learn from one another, shall we? We will conduct studies, trade information, etc. If it is destined to be, this study group may possibly become a coven, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. If you'd like to join, click on the pentacle above, and it'll take you straight to my Yahoo! Group. All ages, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, and positive faiths are welcome to seek membership! Have a wonderful day, and Blessed Be!

I'm truly glad that you've stopped by to take a look at the group website. There must be some sort of spark in you concerning Wicca/Paganism/Witchcraft. You probably wish to learn more and even wish to immerse yourself in this mystical and magickal world. Feel free to do so in the Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group!
Twice a month, depending on the category, there will be different online group events that I will put out, such as: Assignments, Discussions, Chats (this will be once a month), etc. The group will be active throughout the month, every month. Click on the Calendar of Events for more information on when the above will take place.
Once again, I can't be more ecstatic about you checking out the website! We need to expand the Pagan community; we need to grow. And, we are growing! I hope you join, and if you do, you'll be accustomed to hear me say: Come, and sit a spell with us! Blessed Be!

Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group Messageboard

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Group Schedule
(More details in Calendar of Events)

Assignments-2nd and 18th of every month
Deadlines-10th and 25th of every month
Review of Assignments-15th and 30th of every month
Discussion-15th and 30th of every month
Random Chat-24th of every month


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Come and sit a spell with us, fellow Pagans & Wiccans!