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Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group

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Here, you'll find news from the Pagan community that you just might find to be of value! Check it out, and often.

Pagan News

The site has a new MESSAGE BOARD! I really would appreciate it if you'd cruise by and check it out. Post something!


As I receive information, I'll add it to this page. Please excuse its "emptiness"...its new. Thanks, and blessings!


Future Newsletter-
I've decided that the site/group needs a newsletter, published either monthly or bimonthly. I am going to need a few people who would like to write up an article for the newsletter, and remain part of the staff. Of course, I can't offer monetary compensation for services; it'd be voluntary. If you're up for it, email me...I'm pretty sure you know where! No? Here: Blessings!
-Possible Pagan Homestudy Group:
I've been pondering lately about an idea which came to me. What would it be like to have a group of Pagan parents who homeschool their children meeting weekly...a Pagan "school"? I think I'm going to begin something consult my Tarot cards first! Got any ideas? EMAIL ME! Blessings!
-A message to all the novice Wiccans/Witches out there:
There will be Wicca 101 classes & courses at the Yahoo! Group for the newcomers. Email me at for more information. I'll keep everyone posted on when the classes start forming. I need to round up teachers, first. Then, I'll start accepting students. Don't worry about any type of INITIATIONS or being part of the group. If you'd like to join the group, it'd be wonderful! But, these lessons will be personal. So, go ahead and register by emailing me. Blessings!

Come and sit a spell with us, fellow Pagans & Wiccans!