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Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group

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Pagan Links

Here are some Pagan probably know them already, but its never a bad idea to have a link on hand!

Here are some links to Wiccan websites, and to Patricia Telesco's website:

Witches' Voice


Patricia Telesco

Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group Messageboard

Blessed Bee (Pagan parenting newsletter and web site)

Gruenwold's Cottage for the Kitchen Witch and Pagan parent.

Starlight's Christian Witch Web Site

Cauldron Living

Here is a link to the Llewellyn website:

Llewellyn Books

Museum of Witchcraft

History of The Pentagram

Witch Potential


Come and sit a spell with us, fellow Pagans & Wiccans!