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Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group

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Meet the IEWPSG Creator
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This page will let you know a bit about me, and future moderators. Blessings!-Indira


NAME: Daniel Tannehill
PATH: Witch
BIO: I have been a practicing Witch for over four years though I have had Pagan beliefs and practices throughout my life as long as I can remember. I am an experienced Metaphysicist, specializing in Gems and Stones. I am also an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life  Church in Arizona; I am well-versed in the Wiccan Religion, and also teach new-comers to the ways of Wicca and/or Witchcraft.
Daniel Tannehill is the first Moderator of the IEWPSG group.


Indira Rojas is the creator of IEWPSG. She's 19-years-old, and lives in Hemet, CA. She's married to a wonderful man, named Antonio and they have a gorgeous little boy named Isaiah. She attends MSJC, going for an AS in Multimedia. She's a proud Puerto Rican Pagan! Indira came across Wicca on the Internet at the age of 15, and it wasn't on purpose. This was four years ago, and she's been studying intensely ever since; but, in the past two years, she'd started practicing. Indira felt a tremendous connection with all that is Wicca, Witchcraft, and Pagan. There have been plenty of times where she was sidetracked, and even thought that Wicca wasn't for her, but obviously it is, if she's been sticking to it since 2001. There's no shame in her game! :)

Come and sit a spell with us, fellow Pagans & Wiccans!