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Inland Empire Wiccan/Pagan Study Group

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Read this for the small history on the group. Its not much, since I started this in December, but its still history!

IEWPSG History

   I began this group in December of 2004, on I did this in hopes that the young and old Pagan community could gather somewhere and enjoy their time. I was getting tired of trying to join other groups/covens online, because of the different challenges they had, just to become an initiate/degree holder. 
   I don't think that I like the whole "degree" system. I don't want my group to have that as its foundation, not right now. I just want to focus on empowerment and fulfilling our lives and those around us.
   My plan for this group is to eventually turn it into a coven. I'd like to see us all uniting for Sabbats, Esbats...even parties/festivities. I want us to be a family, a Pagan family, and that is my goal.
Blessed Be!

Come and sit a spell with us, fellow Pagans & Wiccans!